Fixed Income

ESG in Fixed Income

The Intent Beyond the Income

We believe the best way to advance change is by rewarding progress. As active fixed income managers, we engage with issuers to gain a better understanding of ESG concerns, as well as any steps being taken to address them—looking for opportunities to drive meaningful, long-term change across our corporate credit asset classes.

Barings Sustainability Policy

Global Private Finance Sustainability Report 2023

Company Engagement on ESG Issues



Integrating ESG into fixed income investing can help mitigate risks, uncover new opportunities and provide long-term value to investors.

We place as much or more credence in an issuer’s ESG outlook, and prioritize the direction in which a company is evolving over its starting point.

We engage with companies as a means of identifying improving credit stories and motivating lasting change.

Investing Together

In our experience, the time invested in relationships, is time well spent.

We strive to improve every day—to innovate, to adapt, and to evolve alongside our clients—and to always remember the real-world impact of every investment decision we make.