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Finding Opportunity in Uncertainty

2018年12月 - 18 分鐘 阅读

Ricardo Adrogué, Barings’ Head of Emerging Markets Debt, recently participated in a Pensions & Investments roundtable discussion with a panel of other emerging markets experts.

Fundamental analysis and bottom-up investing are keys to success

Amid continuing volatility on the back of one of the biggest selloffs in emerging markets this year, active managers are finding hope in the long-term outperformers for their EM portfolios. The negative global macro-environment has, in fact, separated the bad from the good and has forced some EM companies and countries to be more self-reliant. A panel of emerging market experts that includes Maria Negrete-Gruson, managing director and portfolio manager at Artisan Partners; Ricardo Adrogué, head of global sovereign debt and currencies at Barings; and Claire Franklin, portfolio manager at BMO Global Asset Management discuss the macro-environment, share company and country specifics, and offer insights on where to look past the headlines.


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