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Opening the Tap: Opportunities in Regulated Water Utilities

1 October 2021 - 20 min read

The need to bring capital to the nation’s water utility systems is clear: Deteriorated water infrastructure affects both the population and the environment.

America’s water infrastructure is in decline. After decades of underinvestment, U.S. water infrastructure is rated D to D+ and over the next 20 years needs up to $1.27 trillion for repairs and expected growth. However, the extreme fragmentation of water utilities—there are over 55,000—makes it difficult for many thousands of smaller systems to shoulder such costly repairs. Collectively, American water utilities maintain over 2.2 million miles of water and sewer pipes  and distribute over 40 billion gallons of fresh water each day. Its deterioration has a cost in economic, environmental, and social terms. 

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  • Justin Lott
    Justin Lott

    Director, Private Equity/Real Assets

  • EJ Gunn
    EJ Gunn

    Associate Director, Private Equity/Real Assets


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