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Real Estate Equity

We have managed discretionary and non-discretionary private real estate equity funds and separate accounts since 1994 and today offer a range of strategies across the risk spectrum and major sectors to meet diverse investment needs.

Real Estate Equity

AUM: $16.2 billion (30 September 2021)

Our team secures access to investments across the risk spectrum and around the globe, applying an active management approach in an effort to maximize each asset's potential.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • Global Platform, Local Execution: Our local teams draw upon the expansive resources of one of the largest global real estate investment firms, and execute value-enhancing strategies across property sectors, investment styles and ownership structures.
  • Trusted Partner: Our business model creates a fiduciary culture, stability, transparency and alignment of interests with our clients. 
  • Depth of Team: Our experienced teams collaborate throughout the investment process, bringing together senior Investment Committee leadership with a “boots on the ground” approach that provides real time feedback and early identification of trends.
  • Sustainable Approach: We take ESG into consideration at each stage of the investment and management process, and continue to achieve measurable results that demonstrate our ongoing ESG commitment.
  • Long-Term Commitment: Our strong parent company backing encourages a long-term focus, and their investment alongside our clients creates an alignment of interests.
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