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High Yield

Investing globally to uncover the best opportunities.

Our global high yield investment capabilities include high yield bonds, senior secured loans, structured credit and special situations. Our team of specialists collaborate to deliver specific client solutions across individual or multiple asset classes.

Global Senior Secured Loans

AUM: $35.2 billion (30 September 2021)

Our team of dedicated high yield professionals seeks to identify attractive investment opportunities and actively manages portfolios designed to deliver the best relative value opportunities on a global scale.

Global High Yield Bonds

AUM: $13.8 billion (30 September 2021)

Our high yield bond strategies draw upon our extensive investment platform and experience to provide access to the U.S. and European high yield markets.  

Global Multi-Credit

AUM: $6.2 billion (30 September 2021)

Our global high yield multi-asset strategy can simplify an investor’s approach to high yield allocations as well as offering a more attractive risk-return profile than a single-asset class strategy.

Special Situations Credit

AUM: $861 million (30 September 2021)

Our approach to special situations credit investing is flexible and returns-driven, and seeks compelling return opportunities across the developed corporate high yield markets.

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