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A 360-Degree View on Private Asset Markets

Key Insights from the Barings 360 Private Markets Conference

What happens when you bring together some of world’s leading limited partners (LPs) for an open discussion on private asset classes? In short, an incredible amount of insight on markets as diverse as real estate, private credit, distressed debt and pharmaceutical royalties. See below for highlights from this unique event. 


Managers are taking a truly active approach—managing debt restructurings, refurbishing buildings or creating companies.


From middle market lending to global real estate—there is no substitute for long-term, local relationships.  


For LP success, a manager’s long-term incentives need to be aligned with the priorities of the end investor.  

Highlights from the Barings 360 Private Markets Conference

Watch Barings CEO, Tom Finke, and other senior leaders discuss their key takeaways from the firm's signature private assets event.

Video - 2 min watch

Barings 360: For LPs, By LPs

Attendees of the Barings 360 Private Markets Conference discuss the value of exchanging ideas and perspectives with their peers.

Video - 1 min watch

A CIO's Perspective

Barings' Jonathan Bock caught up with industry veteran, William Spitz, on trends in today's private markets.

Video - 4 min watch

Financing the Internet of Things—Live from Barings 360

In this episode of Streaming Income recorded live on-stage at the Barings 360 Private Markets Conference, Dr. Christopher Smart discusses his latest white paper.

Podcast - 30 min listen


"At Barings, the core of our philosophy is really relationships with our clients and partners, and how we can bring assets together in a way that solves a need for an investor."
- Eric Lloyd, Head of Global Private Finance

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