DE Austria (Österreich) Institutionell

Barings Developed and Emerging Markets High Yield Bond Fund

Share Class ISIN Sprache KIID/KID
Class A AUD Hedged Inc Monthly Dividend IE00B881PF08 German
Class A CAD Hedged Inc Monthly Dividend IE00B7YBBB53 German
Class A CHF Hedged Acc IE00B912KL81 German
Class A EUR Hedged Inc IE0032158341 German
Class A EUR Inc IE0004851808 German
Class A GBP Hedged Inc IE0033156484 German
Class A HKD Inc Monthly Dividend IE00B62P4Q86 German
Class A NZD Hedged Inc Monthly Dividend IE00B8GQ7V76 German
Class A RMB Hedged Inc Monthly Dividend IE00B7S9S037 German
Class A USD Acc IE00B6TMN219 German
Class A USD Inc IE0000835953 German
Class A USD Inc Monthly Dividend IE0032158457 German
Class I EUR Acc IE00B3L6P915 German
Class I GBP Inc IE00B3L6PB37 German
Class I USD Acc IE00B3L6P808 German

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